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You can never know when you car is going to break down. But really what could you have done even if you knew? So, if you really had to do something, all you can do is find a mechanic that would come out to help on time. That is what we do for you. The Red Hot Mechanical is based in Australia and understands how important it is to find the very best in mechanical and auto repair services. That is why we provide our high-quality services for all drivers on the road.

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We make ourselves available for several different functions and reach out to a wide variety of customers. This is how we make the best use of our resources and create value for our customers.

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We are always on-call and available for you as you go out. So, if ever your car breaks down in the middle of your route to work, be sure to reach out for us and we will come running to aid you in getting to your work without getting your hands dirty.

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How do we do this? We ensure that we reach out to our branch nearest to you and get to you as fast as we can. When we do, you can leave your car with us, so we do the work for you.

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In addition to just providing our services on call, we also provide highly specialized car repairing services that you would not find anywhere else. We do so with the use of our experts in automotive repairing and do what most cannot.

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Caring for Your Boat: Dry Boat Storage Sydney

Caring for Your Boat: Dry Boat Storage Sydney

Taking proper care of your boat is a must for boat owners in Sydney. A responsible boat owner ensures that their watercraft is protected when off the water for long-term periods or during the winter months.

The best option to ensure protection for your boat is by dry boat storage, Sydney. With the approaching winter months, the right time to search for dry boat storage, Sydney is now.

Benefits of Dry Boat Storage

A boat is one of the largest investments boat owners make in their lifetime. It’s only right to protect the investment to make it last for a long time. Opting for dry boat storage provides a host of benefits, including:

Secure storage

Security is one of the top benefits provided by dry boat storage. The secure locations and being constantly monitored facilities make them secure places to store all types of valuable watercraft.

The valuable outboard engine of boats is often frequently targeted by thieves. This common threat faced by all boat owners makes security a top priority.

Having the boat stored in a reputable dry boat storage facility ensures its safety at all times.

Protection from weather elements

A watercraft is subjected to harsh weather conditions when left outside for long periods. Long-term wear and tear happens to a boat that is exposed to wind, sun, and water.

Dry leather, seals, and dull paint happen to a boat when exposed to the sun for a long time. The climate-controlled facility of dry boat storage prevents the risk of damage caused by wind, water, or sun.


The ultimate convenience is provided for boat owners opting to have their boats stored securely. Entrusting the boat to dry boat storage maintains its mint condition at all times. The boat is always ready to get you back on the water by the time sailing time comes around.

Gain concierge service

Top-of-the-line dry boat storage facilities offer concierge services as well. This allows boat owners the convenience of retrieving and storing their boats at all times.

The presence of a concierge service guarantee that your boat will be handled with the same care as you would. Some of the concierge services offered by dry boat storage facilities include:

  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Winterizing
  • Detailing

All you need to do is to state your preferred boat storage, drop off your boat, and let the facility handle everything.

Avoid dock accidents

Long-term docking on the water can bring on multiple risks and dangers. While many boat owners opt to do this, keeping the boat on the water for a long time can experience some form of mishaps from other boats. Or, worse, bad weather can cause the boat to sink.

Mildew and mould have a chance to grow on your boat when left in the water for a long time. Unforeseen accidents are not likely to happen when a boat is removed from the water and stored in dry boat storage.

A low-maintenance and affordable option is gained by boat owners opting for dry boat storage for their boats. A boat left on the dock or open space is subjected to a host of accidents and damages.

Dry boat storage in Sydney offers the best solution for boat owners to secure and maintain the mint condition of their boats.

Benefits Of A Car Storage Container In Melbourne

If you can afford a storage container for your car, there are many advantages to buying one. This article touches on a few.

Advantages of storage containers

  • High insurance cover – Most vehicles are usually shipped and transported inside storage containers because there is less risk of being damaged as they are transported. This ensures that the car is well insured and the owner is assured of safety.
  • Reduce the risk of damage – Storing a car inside a container prevents damages that may be caused by passers-by or bad weather.
  • Exclusivity – Another big advantage of using a storage container is that your car and other personal items are the only ones to be included in the container. Your items will not get mixed up with others that use the container. It is crucial especially if you are relocating with your belongings from one part of the world to another.
  • It helps to improve customer satisfaction – Companies selling cars prefer to include the labour expenses for those that load the cars into the storage containers and ship the cars on ships or aeroplanes to show the customer that a professional was hired to handle their car. This ensures that the car is safe and lets the customer know so.
  • Provides room for storing other items – The car storage container is a huge structure that can hold a car as well as other items that the owner may wish to ship along. This can include tools, furniture, and even home appliances in some cases.

Uses of a car storage container

A car storage container can be used for various purposes and some of them are highlighted below:

  • Shipping and transportation of cars and items – The most common use of a car storage container is for shipping and transportation of cars or items from one location to another, especially by ships or planes.
  • Used as a garage – The car storage container can be used at home as a garage for keeping your car and other tools. This is savvy especially when you have limited space on your property to erect a standing garage. Moreover, it offers better security than the ordinary garage because it cannot be opened as easily.
  • Used as a portable shop – Besides, you can use a car container as a portable shop if you run your own business. Thus, you can take it to wherever your customers are and sell items or services out of it. The shop cannot be broken into by burglars as compared to other kinds of shop structures.
  • Used as a medical dispensary – Some people also use the storage container as a medical clinic and carry them along as they visit remote villages where access to medical facilities is a challenge.
  • Used as a portable home – Some individuals take the containers as their homes. It has helped them save on the costs of renting apartments and such. A storage container is a suitable home for a small family.

Car storage has many uses aside from being a place to store your vehicle. It can add value to your home as well as necessary space to help your business if you have one, or provide a temporary place to stay should something happen to your home. These are only a few of the benefits of a car storage container.

You can get in touch with the companies in Melbourne who are concerned with these containers to find out more about the prices.

Absolute Truck Modifications Your Pickup Truck Must Have

Absolute Truck Modifications Your Pickup Truck Must Have

Your brand-new pickup truck becomes more amazing when you add in must-have truck modifications it truly deserves. Yes, it’s always possible to make your brand-new pickup truck function even better.

Truck modifications are the smartest way to personalise the features of your spanking new pickup truck. Enhanced style, performance, and capability are all achieved by your pickup truck with the right truck modifications.

Truck modifications hold the key to make your truck stand out above the rest. Personalising your truck starts and ends with the right truck modifications such as:

Aftermarket Brakes

Safe and efficient brakes are always guaranteed with the newest pickup truck models. However, if an extra bit of safety is the need, investing in aftermarket brakes is highly recommended. This is especially recommended when your pickup truck is involved in a lot of heavy hauling.

Upgraded Air Intake System

If speed is your need, adding the truck’s engine with an upgraded cold air intake system will speed it up! The combustion chambers receiving cooler air from the air intake system will do a few things, such as:

  • less fuel use when powering the engine
  • the engine receives more torque and power

These two great advantages are quickly gained by your truck with the addition of an upgraded cold air intake system.

Customised Wheels

“Hot Wheels” is the common term used for unique truck wheels. The options when it comes to wheel customisation are endless. Every truck owner has the option to choose colours or in chrome. Adding your personality to your truck is easily done with the choice of customised wheels.

Lift Kits and Suspension System

A new pickup truck is already an enhanced vehicle. However, its off-road prowess can be achieved with the addition of lift kits and suspension systems. Better handling for both off and on-road is gained with a new suspension while higher ground clearance is allowed with the installation of the lift kit.

Step Bars

Step bars are a needed accessory when a lift kit has been added to the new truck. The additional height achieved by the truck will make climbing into it quite difficult. The addition of step bars will come in handy as you climb on or out of your truck.

Fold step bars are the best option if you don’t like the step look. The bars automatically open as you open the door. However, visible step bars look pretty cool.

Bold and big tires

Using chunkier and bigger tires for trucks make them look cool and awesome. The addition of bigger tires not only ups the style; additional capability is gained as well.  Investing in wheels, a full lift kit, and tires all at the same time is the quickest way to make your truck look amazing and awesome.

Performance chip

The truck’s power, performance, and capability are instantly boosted with the addition of a performance chip. Tapping into the potential of your truck is easily achieved with the help of a performance chip. Having it allows you to alter or change the settings of the truck’s factory settings.

Investing in different truck modifications is always a worthy investment. Personalisation of the truck is easily gained with the right modifications. Are you thinking of adding style and enhanced performance to your truck? Contact us to learn more about our wide range of truck modifications.

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Barbecues

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Barbecues

Stainless steel barbecue is among the best barbecue grills that exist in the market. As we are aware, stainless steel is a compound metal made from mixing two or more pure metals. The intention of mixing this pure metal is to get a compound metal that is durable and resistant to extreme conditions. Moreover, stainless steel metal does not easily rust and has many applications.

The following are brief discussions of the benefits of a stainless steel BBQ compared to other types of grills.

  • They are rust-free

A stainless steel barbecue is made by mixing two pure metals to form a compound metal resistant to rust. Therefore, the stainless steel barbecue is not easily subjected to rust than other kinds of grills that easily rust and wear out.

  • They are easy to clean.

Cleaning a stainless steel barbecue is simpler than imagined because the surface of the metal repels most of the dirty particles. All you need is a wet piece of cloth to wipe gently over the grills to remove the dirty particles.

  • They are affordable

Stainless steel is cheap because it is made of a compound metal, unlike the ones which are pure iron that is very expensive.

  • They are water-resistant

Stainless steel barbecue grills are water-resistant, which prevents them from rusting since water is a crucial substance in the rusting process.

  • They maintain food flavour.

Cooking food on stainless steel barbecue grills will maintain the natural flavour and taste, unlike other types of grills that make the food tasteless.

  • They are durable

Since stainless steel is made using a compound metal, the stainless steel barbecues are resilient. They can stay for a long time while withstanding extreme weather conditions such as snow, rainfall, and extreme solar radiation.

Tips for buying an excellent stainless steel barbecue

The following tips will guide you when buying the perfect stainless steel barbecue for your kitchen:

  • Check the size of the stainless steel barbecue

You should first check to see if the space in your kitchen is enough to accommodate the barbecue grill; if not, try to look for a small one. You can also decide to extend your kitchen’s size to accommodate the larger barbecue, depending on what will work well for you.

  • Mind the cost of the barbecue grill

Different stainless barbecue grills from different vendors have different prices. It is important to understand the unique benefits that each one offers to see if it will meet your requirements.

  • Check if it comes with extra facilities.

A stainless steel barbecue should come with extra facilities such as extra grills and cleaning tools.

Stainless steel barbecue grills are excellent and, if well-used, can save you money, time, and tasty food, which you might not enjoy when using other kinds of barbecues. It is durable and has a long lifespan. Hence it can save you on the regular repair and maintenance costs that you may incur with other types.

Many businesses deal with stainless steel barbecues and have excellent graphics on their websites that help visitors get more information about their products. It would be wise to talk with a company’s customer support team to find out more about the barbecue grills. You can also ask them if they can make you a customised stainless steel barbecue grill that can meet your specific needs.

What you should consider before buying a 4wd winch

What you should consider before buying a 4wd winch

If you are considering buying a 4wd winch you might need to keep several things in mind. Off-road winches can prove to be quite beneficial if you ever find yourself in a troubled situation. When you are buying a winch you should definitely consider the following factors:

  • The reliability of the winch. When you buy one, got to feel confident that it is going to work whenever you’re require it to. There is no sense in buying a winch which does not perform in the situation
  • You also need to consider its performance. The simple fact that it is reliable is not enough you also need to consider things like its motor power, it’s gear ratio and it’s pulling capacity.
  • Do take a look at its features as well. Go for a winch which has a decent remote control, a quality hook and the right kind of voltage display.
  • Last but not the least also consider the warranty on offer. Which allows you to know that if you ever have to make a warranty claim whether it would be resolved by the seller or not. You might also need to get the winch serviced and it is always best to have a warranty at hand and so that you can save upon the repairs.

Features to look for in 4wd winches

  • Choose a winch which has the rolling on the motor end cap and the mounting face. Any water which goes into the winch would eventually kill its motor one way or the other. Therefore it is essential to choose a winch which is completely waterproof. If my any chance the water gets into the winch it can completely destroy it within minutes
  • Also consider the gear size of your vehicle. A bigger and heavier gearbox means that it would be able to handle heavy loads of winching.
  • Look for winch with high quality motor with large brushes and quality bearings. It is important that your winch remains maintained throughout the use. However it is only possible when you buy a good quality winch.
  • A winch with solid handle remote along with the locking plug is going to serve you well. Also choose a rope which is good quality. If you are investing in steel cables you may still want to check out synthetic ropes but these need to be replaced every three to four years.

It is essential to keep things like performance, reliability and other such features in mind when you are about to buy an off road winch. Plus it is also crucial that there should be at least a 5-year warranty on any manufacturing defect. Having a warranty would give you the confidence in the product that you have bought. Do make sure that you’re only buying the winch from a reliable supplier known to sell 4wd gear. Try out 4WD winches from UV4x4. They are a trusted and respected brand.

For more information on winches and suspensions, it is essential that you have a detailed talk with the professional supplier of 4wd winches.

How to choose the Best Safety Equipment Suppliers

How to choose the Best Safety Equipment Suppliers

Providing safety equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) to your workers needs a lot of serious considerations. Your workers need safety gear whether your business is either in the industrial or construction sector.

Cutting a few corners to save money could make you end up with the wrong kind of safety equipment. Buying cheap safety equipment could very well cost you in the range of thousands in paying off medical bills, worker injuries, and workers comp.

Saving thousands of money down the line means partnering with the best safety equipment suppliers. Establishing a good working relationship with reputable safety equipment suppliers ensure that the safety and wellbeing of your workers is the main concern.

A reputable safety equipment supplier that does not oversell and not only be there for you to make a buck while equipping your crew with everything right is the one to go for. With this said, how can you ensure getting the best safety equipment suppliers?

Things to consider in the choice of Safety Equipment Suppliers

A few key factors have to be properly considered for you to choose the perfect safety equipment supplier for all your PPE needs. This includes:

Opting for locally owned and operated safety equipment supplier

There are big benefits gained by opting for locally owned and operated PPE suppliers. Locally owned safety equipment suppliers value their reputation compared to big national chains. This is because the huge bulk of a local PPE supplier depends on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. Not having a big budget for advertising compels local PPE suppliers dependent on repeat clients and good reviews. A great indication of a good local PPE supplier is one that is highly rated by the locals themselves. Going for local PPE suppliers also gains extras such as good advice and suggestions on the best safety equipment products.

Fast delivery of the products

A local PPE supplier delivers faster than having the safety equipment shipped by big chains. The quick delivery is especially crucial if ever you need a quick supply of PPE at a moment’s notice. For instance, fast, easy, and quick replacements of gloves can be achieved every time you ran out. The proximity of a local PPE supplier makes for easy and quick deliveries at any time and at all times.

Personalised service

It’s the usual practice of big and national PPE suppliers to offer the most expensive safety equipment regardless of the need. This is because meeting a sales quota is the foremost goal of large safety equipment suppliers.

Local safety equipment suppliers, on the other hand, find out more about the working environment before recommending the proper safety gear. The service is on a more personalised level with local PPE suppliers compared to large chains.


Saving money on your overall investment in PPE for workers is achieved with local PPE suppliers. Shipping costs can be an added expense other than the price of the products. Returning products that do not fit right is quick and easy with a local PPE supplier.

Providing safety equipment in the workplace is a must for the manufacturing and construction industries. The choice of safety equipment suppliers can make or break the goal of maintaining health and safety for all workers on the job site. Buy safety equipment from

The benefits of spray painting of boat

The benefits of spray painting of boat

When it comes to painting a boat most professionals prefer using spray painting as an option. There are several spray painting experts in Gold coast who can completely change the look of your boat by adding a fresh coat of paint to it. it should be kept in mind that even if you use the best quality paints there is going to be a marked difference between a spray painted result and hand-painted job.

There are certain instances where spray painting a boat is usually the right option. Do go through the following to get an idea regarding spray painting in Gold Coast.

Advantages of spray painting in Gold Coast

  • One of its many advantages is that spray painting does not take a great deal of time. If you are hiring a professional painter they would prefer using spray painting as a technique. This is because a hand-painted job can take a long time and would also required to be done with meticulous care. With spray painting it is easier to get a more quality finish when compared to a boat which has been painted by hand.
  • You need to make sure that you hire painters who have the right kind of equipment which is necessary for spray painting your boat. Before you hire a painter make sure you ask them whether they have equipment to support their work or not.
  • When you use spray painting equipment it is easier to reach the corners and the nooks of the boat. These are hard to reach places which cannot be painted off with a paint brush. also the bristles of the brush do not have the ability to reach into these particularly tight areas.
  • Spray-painting equipment comes with a variety of assorted nozzles with which the painter can paint different patterns with the spray. And result is a beautifully painted boat which is customized according to the owners satisfaction. If there is a certain design which catches your fancy make sure you let your boat painter take a look at it. They would be able to replicate the design according to your liking.
  • Spray painting is not feasible for all kinds of boats. It works well with larger boats like yachts or bigger water vessels. If you own a small boat it is always better to use a brush or a roller to paint it. Plus spray printing needs to be carried out on a calm day because on a windy day the mist which is going to form is going to spray all around the place. Spray painting is definitely dependent upon the weather conditions. There are some painters who have their own closed workshops where they can spray paint the boat without having to worry about the outside elements.
  • Use local boat painters who have the right kind of experience in spray painting the boats. Check out the online reviews left for them by the previous clients. Only hire painters who are known for their experience and quality of work.
Minor Car Issues that need help from a Mechanic Strathpine

Minor Car Issues that need help from a Mechanic Strathpine

Car owners in Strathpine have, from time to time, experience issues with their cars. Ignoring the issues hoping it goes away is never a good strategy. The smartest way to avoid being slapped with huge repair bills is to take care of minor car issues as they crop up.

Minor car issues can become future major problems and headaches when ignored. The best prevention is to have the car regularly checked, maintained, and repaired by good mechanics in Strathpine.

Some of the minor car problems that need help from an experienced mechanic, Strathpine include:

Sputtering engine

One of the common and minor car issues is a sputtering or misfiring engine. A car’s engine runs efficiently when its combustion chamber has the right mix of fuel and air to burn. Ignition and fuel systems working in proper unison result in a smooth-running car engine. Having these parts checked, maintained, and replaced by a good mechanic ensures smooth running of the car’s engine at all times.

Grinding/squeaky brakes

Like any other car’s moving part, the brake system is likely to wear out. Yet, one of the vital parts of the car is the brakes. Stopping safely at all times means ensuring that all brake-related problems are immediately addressed.

A professional mechanic should be consulted at the earliest time possible when the car shows a soft brake pedal or emit strange grinding or squeaky noises. Squeaking brakes are usually minor issues. However, brakes have to be replaced when they produce grinding sounds.

Flat tyres

Normal wear and tear and being punctured are the things that produce flat tyres. Rotating the car’s tyres every 5,000 miles or during engine oil changes are the best ways to extend their lifespan. Regular checkups with a good mechanic ensure that optimum health for your car’s tyres.

Too much oil consumption

A car functions at its optimum with regular fresh oil changes. However, the constant topping up of your car’s oil level could mean a problem. Corrosion in the engine is avoided with regular oil changes. The regular oil changes ensure peak car performance because of the removal of blockages. A regular check-up schedule with an experienced mechanic avoids this minor car issue from happening in the first place.

Faulty alternator

The car’s alternator is responsible for ensuring that all its electrical systems and battery is running at optimum levels as soon as the car is started. Finding difficulty with starting the car means a faulty alternator. The best option is to have the alternator replaced by a mechanic to make the car start smoothly all the time.

Leaky radiator

Corrosion is the main culprit causing radiator leaks. One leak brought on by corrosion can have a domino effect on the entire radiator. Replacing the entire radiator is the only way to resolve this issue. The unnecessary replacement of a radiator is achieved by having the car regularly checked and maintained by a reputable and experienced mechanic.

Slippery automatic transmission

The well-maintenance of a car’s automatic transmission can make it work efficiently for a long time. However, clogging or damage in the lines, seals, and gaskets can make automatic transmissions slip or become less smooth. The regular servicing of the car avoids this issue from happening.

A car’s fuel efficiency, safety, and good performance are maintained at peak levels with regular maintenance.

Why most people are investing in GPS vehicle tracking devices

Why most people are investing in GPS vehicle tracking devices

Are you thinking of installing GPS vehicle tracking devices in your vehicles?  With the advancement in technology, it has become very easy for the people owning vehicles to track down their vehicles from any location. This is because there are GPS vehicle tracking devices that they can invest in and install them in the vehicles for tracking purposes. When most of the people are thinking that this is expensive, others are benefiting from making this investment. Even though there are some challenges that you should expect when you make any investment, you are likely to benefit more from this investment. In case you have several business vehicles, you should buy and install GPS vehicle tracking devices on your vehicles. The following are some of the benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking devices.

It improves the productivity of the drivers

When you have vehicles, you are likely to keep on calling them to ask them about their whereabouts.  You are also expected to keep on contacting them so that you can inform them when you have changed on deliveries and pickups.  As you make these calls, you are distracting your drivers, and at the same time, you are wasting their time.  However, when you have GPS vehicle tracking devices, you will be able to know where the drivers are, and you will not have to distract them. As a result, you will reduce the number of unnecessary calls that you make and thereby ensuring that your drivers are productive in their work.

Improves customer service

When most people are delivering their products and goods to their customers, they give them approximate times when the delivery will be made. This is not always accurate. For this reason, they end up misleading their customers, causing them to lose faith in them. When you have GPS vehicle tracking devices, you will be able to know the location of the driver who is making deliveries to your customers and also the amount of time they will be spending. Therefore, you will not give your customers the wrong information.  This makes your customers impressed by the way you are offering your services to them, and hence you will be improving your customer services.

Helps in responding to safety issues

In case of an accident or any other issue, your drivers will notify you. You will be able to know the location of the driver who is asking for help, and therefore you will see where you will find your driver as well as your vehicle.

Vehicle recovery

When your vehicle is stolen, it becomes very hard for you to find your car without a GPS vehicle tracking device. You will not be able to know where your vehicle has been taken and also you will have issues tracking it down. When you have GPS vehicle tracking devices, you will see any movements that your vehicle makes, and therefore you can track it so easily. This makes it easy for people to recover their stolen vehicles.

Reduction of time wastage

 So many drivers will idle at the same place when they are supposed to be picking up products or delivering them to their customers. For this reason, they end up spending so much time on the road without doing anything. When you have GPS vehicle tracking devices, you will be able to know the amount of time that your drivers spend at a certain station and therefore it will help you in ensuring that they do not waste time doing anything.

5 Truck Care Tips That Every Driver Should Know

5 Truck Care Tips That Every Driver Should Know

Getting a truck on the road is a tricky job. You can tell by the dangerous roads it travels upon and with the increased baggage it carries every day, it is bound to succumb towards accidents more than any other automotive on road. It is definitely a dangerous job that requires precision and powerful handling while driving. It should not be taken easy and the truck drivers should be trained properly to carefully handle the job. Here are a few safety tips that will help the truck drivers on the road and help them in avoiding truck repairs melbourne.

Weather reports

It is the duty of every traveler to determine the weather of the days of traveling to plan ahead. It is considered a good planning tip. Similarly, with truck drivers, they should be extremely cautious of the constantly changing weather in the areas of traveling. This will help them in taking the necessary precautions that are required at the time of extreme weather. Knowing the future weather reports would prevent the truck drivers from suffering an accident or an automotive incident on the trip.

Install a GPS

A GPS may be a costly investment but it will definitely help the truck drivers when they have wandered off into an unknown place. There are special GPS systems that are designed for truck drivers. These systems help the drivers in determining the next exit routes up ahead, the lanes they can take to reach fast and the traffic that they could easily avoid.

Remain alert

With automotives, it is never a con to be alert of your surroundings. But when it comes to a heavy vehicle such as the truck, one should be extra cautious while driving. A simple wrong turn could directly put you in danger of accidents. It is better to drive on highways when you have rested enough to not feel tired. Keep aware of the vehicles in front, back and sideways of you and you will do just fine.

Avoid changing lanes

It is quite common for cars and motorcycles to change lanes as they prefer the lane that creates the fastest route to their destination. However, with a heavy vehicle such as a truck, it is better to keep in one lane and stick to it. This is vital because with changing lanes constantly, the vehicles become prone to accidents and bumping into other cars.

Drive slowly

Yes it is an exhilarating game of fast and furious that traps the minds of every individual in an automotive but it was a movie and this is real life. You have to drive slowly at an average pace to avoid hitting or bumping into other vehicles. Be extra cautious at night when your vision can become compromised.

Brake maintenance: the tricks to know

Brake maintenance: the tricks to know

Every motorist who takes care of his car knows when to cut the engine, but he does not always have a clear idea of ​​the life of the brake fluid, the pads and the discs . When should I change the brake oil? After how many kilometers should brake discs, pads and drums be changed ? Now that we know how the brakes work, how the pads are produced and the test wings have to overcome the quality brakes, we are ready to clarify in the video under the less talked-out curiosities to always keep the car’s brakes in order, with Konstantin Vikulov , Manager quality brake pads from TRW .

OIL AND BRAKE FLUID – Should we call it oil or simply brake fluid? The correct name would be “brake fluid”, however the name of oil given to it by the mechanics leads back to the origins of vegetable-based brake oil . On some road or racing cars, in fact, around the 50s and 60s castor oil was used with antioxidants, methyl or ethyl alcohol. Over time, the brake fluid formulation has also changed, but without ever losing the label and its characteristics: incompressibility and hygroscopicity.

The more hygroscopic the brake fluid is, the shorter the replacement intervals are. As Konstantin Vikulov of TRW explains, the most widespread brake fluidDOT 4 should be changed every 2 years or 50,000 km , while for DOT 5.1-6.1 liquids, more thirsty for water, it is advisable to replace them every 6 months. However, for each engine coupon a check should be made for any leaks and boiling point. We have learned that water and heat are the main culprits of failures; see what happens to poor quality brakes. But where does the water find the door open to mix with the brake fluid?

WATER IS FLEXIBLE FROM THE FLEXIBLE – The most vulnerable and stressed braking point is definitely near the brake caliper, where the flexible pipes connect the pistons to the brake distributor (distributes 70-80% of force to the front brakes and the rest to the rear ones). The hoses are quite robust, since they are built with different layers of vulcanized rubber and synthetic fiber braids to resist when the steering wheel is turned.

How do the brakes work?

How do the brakes work?

Do you know why the brake pedal becomes very hard when you turn off the car engine? It is one of the first surprises that leave you dumbfounded when you are towing the car, but also the advantage that still pushes the Manufacturers to install the hydraulic braking system tested for years. Driving the car it is normal to take the mechanisms behind each system for granted, but it is equally important to know how to distinguish a failure from the normal operation of pads, disks and drums . Check out the video below with Konstantin Vikulov , Head of Quality Brake Pads at TRW how the brakes work .

BRAKES AND HEAT, ENEMY OF OLD DATE – The invention of disc brakes dates back to the early 1900s by Frederick William Lanchester, although the system has undergone many application developments over the years to boast multiple authorship. As Konstantin Vikulov of TRW also explains in the video above, the drum brakes were heavy, they dispersed the heat badly and they suffered terribly from the fading (decrease of braking force due to overheating, see here what happens to the economic brakes that get too hot) . And so the need to find a more reliable and safe system in the prolonged use of brakes: the disks . Today, as then, the brakes exploit the strong frictionwhich is created between discs and pads (here you can see how the brake pads are produced) to transform the kinetic energy into heat, the Achilles heel of the brakes; finding, however, a stable position in the circles, it has been possible to better facilitate its cooling. But how much force is needed on the pedal to brake a car traveling at 100 km / h? Not much thanks to the engine.

THE ENGINE REDUCES THE EFFORT – The pads slow down the disc, and therefore the car, because the pump operated with the brake pedal activates the caliper pistons; nothing simpler. But why is brake fluid so important? By the Pascal principle, the force applied to the brake pedal is transferred to the liquid contained in the circuit, pushing it until the caliper pistons are activated. Since liquids are generally incompressible, the brake booster has been added to the brake pump.


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