If you are considering buying a 4wd winch you might need to keep several things in mind. Off-road winches can prove to be quite beneficial if you ever find yourself in a troubled situation. When you are buying a winch you should definitely consider the following factors:

  • The reliability of the winch. When you buy one, got to feel confident that it is going to work whenever you’re require it to. There is no sense in buying a winch which does not perform in the situation
  • You also need to consider its performance. The simple fact that it is reliable is not enough you also need to consider things like its motor power, it’s gear ratio and it’s pulling capacity.
  • Do take a look at its features as well. Go for a winch which has a decent remote control, a quality hook and the right kind of voltage display.
  • Last but not the least also consider the warranty on offer. Which allows you to know that if you ever have to make a warranty claim whether it would be resolved by the seller or not. You might also need to get the winch serviced and it is always best to have a warranty at hand and so that you can save upon the repairs.

Features to look for in 4wd winches

  • Choose a winch which has the rolling on the motor end cap and the mounting face. Any water which goes into the winch would eventually kill its motor one way or the other. Therefore it is essential to choose a winch which is completely waterproof. If my any chance the water gets into the winch it can completely destroy it within minutes
  • Also consider the gear size of your vehicle. A bigger and heavier gearbox means that it would be able to handle heavy loads of winching.
  • Look for winch with high quality motor with large brushes and quality bearings. It is important that your winch remains maintained throughout the use. However it is only possible when you buy a good quality winch.
  • A winch with solid handle remote along with the locking plug is going to serve you well. Also choose a rope which is good quality. If you are investing in steel cables you may still want to check out synthetic ropes but these need to be replaced every three to four years.

It is essential to keep things like performance, reliability and other such features in mind when you are about to buy an off road winch. Plus it is also crucial that there should be at least a 5-year warranty on any manufacturing defect. Having a warranty would give you the confidence in the product that you have bought. Do make sure that you’re only buying the winch from a reliable supplier known to sell 4wd gear. Try out 4WD winches from UV4x4. They are a trusted and respected brand.

For more information on winches and suspensions, it is essential that you have a detailed talk with the professional supplier of 4wd winches.